Alanna, CL

The true artisan flavor is in Alanna

Alanna, CL
Brand identity, brand guidelines and packaging.

About the project

After meeting with our client, they let us know that they needed an attractive, elegant, minimalist brand that had a feminine connotation.

We studied the competition that exists in bakeries in Santiago de Chile, and after developing some proposals, our client leaned towards the line of Greek art and its reference.

Wheat and its products began to be better known through the processes developed by the Greeks, that is why we looked for a name that would evoke Greece and from there was born "Alanna", a derivation of Helena, who was the daughter of Zeus and that evoked great beauty and boldness.

We decided to base ourselves on the tradition of artisan bakers who work in the business and on what is the most representative element of their process ... the hands. In how Alanna will carefully work the flour from wheat and that she will prepare special products with that unique flavor that they know how to give.

The colors we use are purple, which always delivers an elegant and sophisticated character, accompanied by a cream tone to contrast and link it to the human.

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