Casa Piel, US

Not just for her, made for all.

Casa piel, US
Brand identity and brand guidelines.

About the project

Casa Piel was designed with a new brand in mind for Gabriela Paredes, a cosmetologist and makeup artist located in Salt Lake City, UT.

We wanted to give a new alternative to your community that is interested in the world of cosmetology, that seeks to work on the skin of its clients and give them a renewal, healing and highlight.

We use the concept of "home" to bring everyone together as a community. So that they can find educational and informative material on cosmetic products, personalized advice, learning courses and contracting the services carried out by Gabriela on their social networks.

With a minimalist style and focused mainly on a female audience (but that still does not discriminate against the male and receives it perfectly), we created an oval shape that represents the skin and that surrounds the Casa Piel logo.

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